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Ann Dunlap

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Ann Dunlap


Ann grew up on a farm in central Saskatchewan, one that her Great Grandparents homesteaded in the early 1900s. Although Ann was surrounded by skilled family members who designed and fabricated clothes for the family and quilted material for the home, sewing was the last thing that she wanted to do in her life. It wasn’t until she moved to Ontario in 2003,where she began her adventure as a traditional quilter. She soon found she was drawn from traditional to modern and contemporary quilting pieces.

Using her instincts, along with an impromptu personality, she found the beautiful world of Mixed Media Fibre Art. She creates inspirational pieces of work that range from contemporary to whimsical figurines that stretch the imagination.

With her devotion to this art form, Ann challenged herself by developing her own, unique artistic styles.
She has channeled her abilities, skills and talents to change the view that fibre Art, presently a relatively unknown art form into an established and exciting realm of tangible beauty and sophistication. Ann’s work has been acquired by collectors and appreciative clients, nationally and internationally.

Artist Statement

I am an artist who creates mixed media sculptures and wall hangings. Each piece is wrought individually and is one of a kind. I love the tactile sensation of textiles. But when I incorporate other natural and man-made material such as silk, linen, cotton fibres, wood, wire, clay, metal, textile hardener and pigments into my Art, I really come alive. I am intrigued with unremarkable and common items that are familiar to everyone and build a mosaic of emotions. I utilize traditional techniques of sewing,quilting and sculpting to create things that evoke reactions, passion and excitement.

2017 Fibre Arts Festival Workshop