Denyse Milliken

Denyse Milliken

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Denyse Milliken


Former professional art director/graphic designer, Denyse

Hiscock Milliken has always been inspired by living near the sea.
The colours of the sea, the sky, the scent of sea air and wild roses, the
treasures she finds while exploring East Coast beaches .. the colours, winds
and moods of the mists and mountains behind her home on the coast of the Bay
of Fundy.
Wherever she roams, she cannot help but be inspired!

Growing up in Newfoundland, she was surrounded by knitters and craftsfolk,
many who craft out of necessity as much as for pleasure. Great-grandma’s
spinning wheel had its place in the family livingroom, and always was a
source for curousity. During Summer ‘05, she fulfilled a lifelong dream to
learn to spin and began working at a small textile museum in a picturesque
village steeped in history with tales of shipbuilders, innkeepers,
merchants, wealth, romance, intrigue, pirates and outlaws!

2018 Fibre Arts Festival Workshop:

Learn to Spin Your Own yarn with Spinderella