Fri, October 12, 2018 - 9:00AM - 3:00PM


Karen Neary


$65. + tax ($74.75)



If free form, free motion feathers are something you've been longing to try
but need a little boost in the bravery department, then come join me for a
day of instruction and encouragement in the fine art of feather quilting.
Feathers look impressive on a quilt, but really are not difficult to stitch.
We will draw feathers first with a pencil and then with the needle of our
sewing machines. To get started, we may mark a feather or two but mostly
they will be stitched free hand without marking. Class instruction will
cover three different approaches to formal feathers - easy, bump, and hook. 
Once you have found the style that suits you best, we will move on to
creating overall feathers, and ways to embellish ours feathers.
Prerequisite for the workshop is some experience and comfort with free
motion quilting. Although this is a beginning feathers class, it is not a
beginner free motion class so you should have the basic skills tucked under
your belt.

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Knights of Columbus Hall

5 Robie St. 

Students should Bring

  • Sewing machine
  • 8-10, 12” x 12” quilt sandwiches of light coloured fabric for practice
  • -2 x 26” fabric squares, 26” batting, for class project
  • Complete list supplied upon registration

Number of Participants