Fri, October 13, 2017 - 9:00AM - 4:00PM


Lois McDonald-Layden





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Each participant will make a substantial felted wool 'Painting", of a
landscape scene of their choice with lots of detail. Using different
“painting with wool” techniques, you will be shown various trees, moons,
sunsets, northern lights, flowers, and birds or animals.  You will then be
shown various ways to mount or use your work of art when you take it home.
This workshop is suitable for beginners or experienced felters as your wool
painting can be as intricate or as simple as you like. We will be learning
both needle felting and wet felting.


Masonic Hall

20 Lawrence Street Amherst

Students should Bring

2-3 Bath Towels
cushion foam approx 18" x 18" and at least 2" thick (you can get this atWalmart, in the craft section, or Fabricville)
an empty clean 1L plastic juice or milk jug with lid
2 pieces of small bubble bubble wrap at least 20" x 20" or one big piece.
A pool noodle.
Small sharp scissors
a picture or two that you might want to felt. (Optional, I will have lots
with me)
If you have ever felted or made any kind of art/craft, feel free to bring your work with you for show and tell.
Lunch, water, coffee etc.
Rubber gloves, if your hands are sensitive to soapy water. We will be using
an all natural soap for the wet felting part.
A water proof apron (optional) . We will be working with water, but most
people do not get wet. Maybe a little damp. ��
Dress in comfortable layers, i.e. A t-shirt and a hoodie or cardigan. I have
no idea how warm or cool this workspace is and the rolling part of wet
felting does involve about 30 minutes of easy physical activity.

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