Fri, October 12, 2018 - 9:00AM - 4:00PM


Lois McDonald-Layden





Each participant will make a large felted  
wool ’Painting', of a landscape scene (or flowers or whatever you  
wish!) of their choice with lots of detail. Using different  
“painting with wool” techniques, you will be shown various trees,  
moons, sunsets, northern lights, flowers, and birds or animals, etc.  
 You will then be shown various ways to mount or use your work of  
art when you take it home. This workshop is suitable for beginners  
or experienced felters as your wool painting can be as intricate or  
as simple as you like. We will be learning both needle felting and  
wet felting.



Masonic Hall

20 Lawrence St.

Students should Bring

Supplies to bring:

  • 2-3 large bath towels•Cushion foam 24" x 16"(best  size) or 18" x 18" or larger and at least 2" thick (you can get this  at Walmart, in the craft section, or Fabricville). MUST have this.  If you cannot find or get a piece of foam, please let me know, and I  will bring one for you. They cost about $8-10.
  • Small sharp  scissors.
  • a picture or two that you might want to felt. Print off a  clear 8 x 10. (Optional, I will have lots with me) Pictures on an  IPad or tablet work well. You do not have to decide on your picture  before the workshop, there will be lots of time to decide and  discuss what you might like to do.
  • there are some other optional  things you can bring. You will receive a detailed list a few weeks  before the workshop.

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