Wed, October 10, 2018 - 9:00AM - 4:00AM


Edie Legere-Cole





Stained Glass in Traditional Rug Hooking
We'll have a fun-filled 2-day class learning how to hook a wallhanging to
look like stained glass, including the 'leading'. I will supply several
patterns you can choose from for this class, and will bring lots of
specially-dyed wool fabric which you will learn how to use specifically to
create the look of stained glass - just like the old church and windows in
many of the old houses in Amherst!



Credit Union Business Innovation Centre

5 Ratchford St 

Students should Bring

 Students will need to bring a frame or hoop for hooking,
hook(s), a small pair of scissors, and a cutter if you have one, with #3 and
#4 cutting wheels. Also you will need a roll of masking tape. I will bring
patterns and wool dyed specially for stained glass hooking, which you can
purchase.  Students may bring their own pattern and/or wool they think will
work for this class.

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