Thu, October 12, 2017 - 9:00AM - 4:00PM


Kathy Tidswell





Students put their adult colouring skills to work on fabric and play with
inktense pencils to create flowers and leaves that will be cut out and used
to create appliqués. This is a fun workshop where they will learn some of
the tricks for colouring realistic images of their choice and then adding
water to turn them into beautifully shaded fabrics. After the appliqués are
created they will cut them out and fuse them to a background to start a
block. Students can use my pattern for clematis or bring their own
inspirations for flower or leaves.


Amherst Police Department Community Room

21 Havelock Street Amherst

Students should Bring

-piece of white cotton washed and ironed, 8 by 12 inches
-piece of background fabric mottled green 12 by 12 inches
-piece of fusible web  approx. 6 by 12 inches
-heavy plastic page protector

-piece of sky fabric for the background, 12 1/2 -15 inch

-inktense pencils in the following colours:
-fuchsia 0700
-red violet 0610
-sun yellow 0200
-antique white 2300
-iron green 1310
-apple green 1400

small flat paintbrush (1/4 -1/2 inch
small empty container such as yogourt container
Teacher Materials: comprehensive notes
access to extra intense pencils in a number of colours

Number of Participants



Phone: 1-506-363-3560


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